Melbourne Massage

I am located in Melbourne however visit NSW & QLD, this is dependant on loyal client demand in each city. I am happy to book you for an appointment up to 3 months in advance.

Sensual/ Tantric Massage

Sensual/ Tantric massage is offered as a table or floor treatment.

With time you will learn to feel and ride the life force (chi/ yin) inner energy, to (chi/yang) outer energy in a cyclical ocean rhythmic breath.

With focus and practise in bringing consciousness to the internal masculine & internal feminine a union of these opposites within merge contributing to a sense of wholeness. Through practicing the art of true masculinity (consciousness) together with the feminine (love) one is able to learn to move from the heart more in life. With awareness and intent the body becomes our vehicle to awaken and ride the wave of erotic sensual bliss.

To awaken the kundalini is to then learn to ride the wave of eternal ecstasy.

Sensual/ Tantric massage

60min $140
90min $180

Kahuna temple style massage

“There is nothing like the rhythmic, flowing, wave like sensations of a Ka Huna massage.”

A therapeutic process oriented massage that uses warm coconut oil on your entire body, the massage is delivered with you naked and a modesty towel is offered. The treatment is done on a table.

Firm, long sensual strokes are delivered up, down and under and on top of your body, traditionally used as a rite of passage body work treatment for people who have a mind, body, soul connection and awareness.

Emotion is energy in motion, as humans we are emotional beings and our feelings and emotions are stored within the body.

This massage is traditionally offered as a therapeutic process oriented body work session, relaxing, softening and deepening into the whole body experience that is the mind, body and soul.

This treatment can also be received by anyone who may simply just need to recieve love and feel nurtured and held.

Kahuna treatments are flowing, sensual, intimate and transformational.


60 min $120
90 MIN: $150
2 HOURS: $200 (recommended full therapeutic treatment time)
(Please Note that this treatment is not offered as a tantric massage)

Thai style floor treatments

A fusion of thai and shiatsu massage, this treatment is therapeutic in nature and is offered as a clothed or naked treatment.

Zen Thai shiatsu is delivered on a shiatsu mat on the floor the practice involves light rocking rubbing and shiatsu trigger point therapy. The treatment has been likened to receiving a 1.5hr yoga session without you having to do anything.

Zen Thai Shiatsu is a 90 min whole body meditation.

Trigger point, Stretching, rocking and massaging with this technique invites the body to find its own parasympathetic nervous system release.

Zen Thai Shiatsu offers a deep rest of the entire body system.

(please note, this treatment is not offered as a Tantric massage).


90min- $150

When confirming your booking with me, please assert your massage style booking request (Sensual/ Tantric / floor or table) or (Kahuna) or (Zen Thai Shiatsu). Each treatment involves different preparation needs prior to your arrival so please be sure to assert your massage style request clearly.

My booking places fill fast, please try to book with a 6-12hr window period to ensure you do not miss out.
Outcalls- $50

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Phone: 0424-685-673