Eco Encounters Sailing Around the Bay of Islands

What could be more idyllic than a sail around the Bay of Islands (on the North Island of New Zealand) aboard a fun boat with Moby Dick along for the ride.

The Bay of Islands Ecocruz is a 3-day wander in and around a stunning Maritime Park, encountering dolphins, whales, birds, turtles and many other surprises. The boat, named “Manawanui,” holds 10 – so grab your friends and join Captain John and mascot Moby for some special moments on and in the warm waters.

This is a down-to-earth nature cruise off the beaten track with an emphasis on the marine environment and the outdoors. Snorkel in crystal clear waters, kayak around uninhabited islands, catch your own fresh seafood or walk on deserted beaches to experience the true magic of this special part of New Zealand.

“Our eco-cruise will take you to some truly beautiful places. Lush islands, towering cliffs and an ocean teeming with life,” says John. So does that mean that I have to hug trees on this cruise? “No, it doesn’t.  We’re not the preachy type.  However, if some of our passion and enthusiasm for all things oceanic rub off on you then we consider our aim achieved.”

If you go
There are several Rainbow Tourism Accredited accommodations in the Bay of Islands, a gay social club that welcomes gay and lesbian visitors, and gay welcoming operators like the Bay of Islands Ecocruz.