Leisurely lunch in the rainforest

The dee-vine dinner

Seafood selections are a good choice here.

There are many elements to a great meal; the ambience, the cuisine, the beverages and the company.  My dee-liscious and dee-vine dinner at Songbirds in the Forest had all these ingredients.

Best Wine List award included Queensland wines.

A food & wine concierge’s review of the award-winning restaurant at Songbirds Rainforest Retreat, Mt. Tamborine, Gold Coast.  -Dee Farrell

The dee-vine dinner
Innovative Menu award included this local prawns dish.

“At Songbirds in the Forest, we believe dining should be a sensual experience.  Aromas whet the appetite, presentation captivates, flavours delight.  All our guests are VIPs.” – Bonnie Rodwell, owner, and newest restaurant member of IGLTA. Songbirds’ retreat (7 villas) is also Rainbow Tourism Accredited.